Patriotic Duck Diaper

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Few things say America quite like a patriotic duck diaper. Have no doubt about it – your livestock will be the hit of the farm with this USA-themed harness found on Etsy.

Guinea Pig Outfits

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This extraordinary shop based in Japan features custom outfits to dress up your guinea pig. Dress them up as elves, for a wedding, or with a fancy wig – there are plenty of options.

Hippopotamus Lawn Ornament

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Your grass does look like a marshy creek located in East Africa, so why not live up to that aesthetic by adding a beautiful hippo lawn ornament. Sure to shock your neighbors and maybe cause a few car accidents.

Giant Cockroach Float

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Take a ride in the insect ocean with this giant cockroach float. Take the fun to another level by bringing the float to your neighborhood pool for the kids to “enjoy”.

Superhero Critter Costumes

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Dress up your tiny pets like the heroes they are with these great costumes. Designed for our tiny friends such as hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas, these costumes will take their cuteness quotient to a whole new level.

Dog Powered Scooter

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Dogs yearn to serve their owners, and while so many dogs have the potential to be the next Balto, so few are born in Nome, Alaska. Enter the dog powered scooter. Now all the dogs who were cursed with being born in a warm weather area can too share in the triumph of pulling humans from one place to the next. Mush!

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