3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer

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Your dog has had a long, hard day of barking at the wind and licking himself. Time for him to unwind with dog beer. The non-carbonated, non-alcoholic beer is a low calorie, glucosamine-infused creation guaranteed to take the edge off and help relax after the stress those squirrels cause.

Electric Flea Zapper

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Because fleas are evil and deserve to be terminated without mercy, the flea zapper is that one tool for which your pet has been waiting its whole life. Simply comb your pet’s hair and it detects and harmlessly (at least for your pet) eliminates fleas on contact.

Chihuahua Taco Holders

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Spice up your kitchen with these cute chihuahua taco holders from Overstock. These hand painted items are perfect accessories for home entertaining and are sure to make your next guest laugh. Do us all a favor, though, and don’t make any Taco Bell themed jokes.

Doggie Water Fountain

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It’s hot out, and your dog, who loves the outdoors, is constantly wanting to go in and out to get a drink of water. With this fountain it’s no longer necessary. Train your dog to be self-sufficient and get his own water, so he doesn’t scratch up your patio door anymore.

Designer Pet Furniture

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It’s time to cuddle up on this luxurious pet bed that’s soft as angel hair, fluffy as a cloud and also, totally ridiculous. But hey, your dog deserves it.

Giant Tongue Dog Chew Toy

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If your dog considers themselves the secret fifth member of the band K.I.S.S., this chew toy is for you. Relish in the ridiculousness of a dog with a giant tongue – and your pet might have fun, too.

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