Electric Flea Zapper

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Because fleas are evil and deserve to be terminated without mercy, the flea zapper is that one tool for which your pet has been waiting its whole life. Simply comb your pet’s hair and it detects and harmlessly (at least for your pet) eliminates fleas on contact.

Center of the Universe Cat Hat

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The world revolves around your cat, so why not have a hat that reflects that reality, plus a few other planets for good measure? This custom-made hat takes creativity to the next level.

Pet Butthole Cover

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“I’ll take bum covers for 400, Trebek.” We love our pets, but we don’t love their buttholes. To solve that problem we have RearGear. Having the parents over? Consider RearGear. Avoid using it at the wrong time, though, or you might experience clogging side effects.

Cat Burger Bed

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Make your cat into a comfortable burger patty with this cat bed. Cats are known for liking to squeeze into tight spaces, making this burger bed a perfect – and fun – place for them to lounge.

Cat Ice Cream Truck

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Your kids are playing on the lawn, the sun is out, and the delightful ice cream music plays. Up drives the ice cream truck – but it’s 10 inches high and is driven by a cat. What more could you want?

Pet Condoms

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Animal Instincts has a great new form of pregnancy prevention for dogs and cats. Put it on before they get it on. Just make sure you click the “learn more” button when you check out the site.

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