• 3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer

    dog beer Fave

    Your dog has had a long, hard day of barking at the wind and licking himself. Time for him to unwind with dog beer, the non-alcoholic beer guaranteed to take the edge off.

    Check It Out $23.98

  • Electric Flea Zapper

    flea zapper Fave

    Because fleas are evil and deserve to be terminated without mercy, the flea zapper is that one tool for which your pet has been waiting its whole life.

    Check It Out $40.31

  • Center of the Universe Cat Hat

    center-of-theuniverse-cat-hat Fave

    The world revolves around your cat, so why not have a hat that reflects that reality, plus a few other planets for good measure?

    Check It Out $47.00

  • Chihuahua Taco Holders

    chihuahua-taco Fave

    Spice up your kitchen with these cute chihuahua taco holders from Overstock. These hand painted items are perfect for getting a laugh at your next dinner.

    Check It Out $27.99

  • Patriotic Duck Diaper

    patriotic-duck-diaper Fave

    Few things say America quite like a patriotic duck diaper. Your livestock will be the hit of the farm with this USA-themed harness.

    Check It Out $46.99

  • Doggie Water Fountain

    dog-fountain Fave

    It's hot out, and your dog, who loves the outdoors, is constantly wanting to go out and back in to get a drink of water. No need - use this automatic fountain instead!

    Check It Out $44.79

  • Designer Pet Furniture

    designer-pet-furniture Fave

    It’s time to cuddle up on this luxurious pet bed that’s soft as angel hair, fluffy as a cloud and also, totally ridiculous. But hey, your dog deserves it.

    Check It Out $999.00

  • Giant Tongue Dog Chew Toy

    Giant-Tongue-Dog-Chew-Toy Fave

    If your dog wants to be the fifth member of K.I.S.S., this chew toy is for you. Relish the ridiculousness of a dog with a giant tongue - and your pet might have fun, too.

    Check It Out $19.26

  • Guinea Pig Outfits

    guinea-pig-fashion Fave

    This extraordinary shop features custom outfits to dress up your guinea pig. Dress them up as any of the crazy options available on the site.

    Check It Out $18.50

  • Pet Butthole Cover

    pet-butthole-cover Fave

    We love our pets, but we don't love their buttholes. To solve that problem we have RearGear. Avoid using it at the wrong time, or you might experience clogging side effects.

    Check It Out $5.00

  • Cat Burger Bed

    rsz_20pcs-free-shipping-china-manufacturer-lovely-design-comfortable-plush-burger-font-b-bun-b-font-hamburger Fave

    Make your cat into a comfortable burger patty with this cat bed. Cats are known for liking to squeeze into tight spaces, making this burger bed a perfect spot.

    Check It Out $19.99

  • Cat Ice Cream Truck

    cat-ice-cream-truck Fave

    Your kids are playing on the lawn, the sun is out, and the delightful ice cream music plays. Up drives the ice cream truck - but it's 10 inches high and is driven by a cat.

    Check It Out $29.00